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Will Spirituality Change Humans for the Better?

Even scientists of today are embracing the spiritual.

Spirituality only means being open to our own potential, realizing that we don't understand it all yet.

Yes, that creates a vast spectrum with science-minded on one end and esoteric spirituality on the other.

Now, however vague or nebulous that may seem, I am reminded of Edwin Hubble. He discovered that what we thought were individual stars were actually galaxies of millions and billions of star clusters.

Thus, in a moment, our reality of the universe took an immediate quantum leap in size and scope.

The point is consciousness itself is even a more vast frontier and how little we know about it.

Science may not be the tool to quantify our understanding of that which is entirely experiential.

That doesn't make consciousness unscientific; it only means our current definitions and modes of understanding have a long way to evolve.

So to answer "Will spirituality change humans for the better?"

Yes, because it requires us to remain open-minded.

There is a more wondrous side, and uniquely human, it requires us to be open-hearted.

There is no place in spirituality for enclosure of mind or heart; it requires openness over exactness.

Thus qualities like acceptance and compassion can complement and lead our scientific inquiry.

In the world right now, we see what happens when the mind is out of sync with the heart. Both become closed. Dark. Distorted.

I embrace the spiritual, and, the scientific.

Just like a prism that reveals the rainbow's spectrum, when you add the colors back together, we get One Pure Light.

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