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I practice Heartfulness.

It's an age-old method of awakening made new to suit the busy lifestyles of today's world.

Heartfulness is a universal method of meditation. There is nothing to join, believe, or accept, and you can add it to your current practice or spiritual beliefs - it is for you to utilize and experience.  

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the joy of Heartfulness Meditation

I have been practicing Heartfulness Meditation since 1974. I find it to be the simplest and yet most effective meditation you can practice. 

I've known Daaji personally for many decades, he is now the President and Spiritual Guide of the Heartfulness organization. Daaji has given a new understanding to many of the deeper concepts of creation and meditation, helping us to understand our place in the universe and the tools we can use to evolve our consciousness. 

Heartfulness offers a simple, scientific approach to expand our consciousness, realize our full human potential, and live a purposeful life. As our lifestyle evolves, our ability to design our own destiny and that of the world becomes natural and effortless.

thought evoking easy reading

“Spiritual Anatomy is an exceptional book that blends the wisdom

  of yogic philosophy with practical techniques to unlock your infinite potential.”


–– Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of Quantum Body

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Spiritual Anatomy

"I refer to the grand journey as the spiritual anatomy project.

In Sanskrit, the yatra is a sacred journey to the center within, and you, the traveler, are the abhyasi, the one who practices.

No one can force you on the yatra or compel you to meditate, but when you do, the heart sets out to speak to you, and you will learn to master the exceptional ability to listen and muster the courage to abide by the heart’s innate wisdom."


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“A must-read for anyone interested in incorporating

meditation into their lifestyle.”


–– Sanjay Gupta, MD, chief medical correspondent for CNN

The Heartfulness Way

Heartfulness is an ideal, a spiritual way of living by and from the heart that is inclusive of all ideologies, beliefs, and religions. In this heart-centered book, a student, Joshua Pollock, in conversation with his teacher, Kamlesh D. Patel—affectionately known as Daaji, the fourth and current spiritual guide of the century-old Heartfulness tradition—present a unique method of meditation with the power to facilitate an immediate, tangible spiritual experience, irrespective of a person’s faith.

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Designing Destiny

What does destiny mean in the course of our lives? What is fixed and what can we change?

We create our destiny, step-by-step, through the journey of life. Every choice leads us in a certain direction-either toward or away from our life's purpose. We can learn to become purposeful architects of our fate with the practices and lifestyle changes described by Kamlesh D. Patel, founder of the Heartfulness Institute and fourth spiritual guide of this global movement.

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brilliant voices from around the world...

Heartfulness Magazine


This is your monthly supply of amazing fresh inspiration!

The Heartfulness Magazine is known worldwide as a flagship publication offering inspired articles from thought leaders and spiritual seekers alike. 

Please consider a digital or print subscription or give a subscription as a gift to someone meaningful

in your life!

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creating a world of unity, peace

and natural living... 

Kanha Shanti Vanam is a spiritual paradise where one can go to retreat from the world and focus on their personal spiritual journey. Seekers from around the world gather several times a year for inspirational gatherings featuring, daily group and individual meditation, yoga, and to be a part of a sustainable living culture - organic gardens, ............

The Seeker and the Old Man

Here is a video/story I created for Daaji's birthday. 

Watch till the end; you will get a glimpse of life at Kanha, the projects, the meditation hall, and the seekers who come there, and most importantly, see Daaji, who leads a simple life and inspires millions worldwide. 

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