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Was Babuji, Patanjali, in a previous life?

The answer is YES! Babuji’s own Master, Lalalji, confirmed that he was Patanjali.

However, I don’t know if that was the intention for the book cover; perhaps it was.

Now, imagine my amazing good fortune to meet this incredible being in person on two occasions!

Here is what happened the first time:

It was 1980, and my wife, I, and a few others from the US arrived in Munich, Germany, where he was staying at someone's house. At this time, very few people knew of Babuji, who is now known by millions.

We arrived at the house and were asked to proceed to the backyard. Large glass doors opened into the back room, which was full of people seated cross-legged on the floor. Someone waved their hand for us to come in.

I stepped into the room, and immediately to my right was Babuji seated on the sofa. I was right in front of him, our faces not more than four feet apart. He looked up at me - his eyes were like giant mirrors, like portals into another world. I was so taken aback and in awe that I couldn’t speak.

We made our way to the back of the room, and I sat against the wall. Babuji didn’t say a word. He simply radiated this beautiful divine energy. We were undoubtedly in the presence of a great spiritual being.

He looked around the room and held someone's gaze for a moment as though seeing through them.

After some time, he turned and looked right at me. In a few seconds, I felt a tapping in the lower left side of my heart, then on the right side. I then felt it move diagonally up to the left side and then to the right of my upper chest. It was like a vibration.

This continued to my throat and third eye, moving higher up my forehead to the top of my head and down the back to the base of my skull. One chakra after the other was being affected, touched, and illumined.

In these amazing seconds, I knew Babuji had seen my soul from the beginning, and everything after that in my life was completely changed!


his was my first encounter with the Guide, the divine Master known as Babuji, previously incarnated as Patanjali - the Father of Yoga.

Babuji passed in 1983. I have had many profound experiences with him that I will release in a future book.

I knew and spent time with three of the four masters in this lineage, whose method is now known as Heartfulness. What a gift! My life was transformed.

Babuji’s art of transmission, rediscovered by his Master, Lalaji, now continues through Daaji, the living Guide of Heartfulness and someone I have known personally for 35 years.

I invite everyone to try this Heartfulness method. It is free, as Babuji always said, “Spirituality can’t be sold.”

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