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In 1974 I met someone who changed the trajectory of my life. Forever.


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I wasn't looking
for a guru. 

Perhaps it was Babuji who found me.
In any case, I was to discover the importance of having a spiritual guide. 
Here in the West, the idea of a guru is yet to be fully understood and appreciated.

I had the great good fortune of experiencing what a spiritual Master is able to do for us. 
Babuji was my first Guide until he passed in 1983. I was fortunate to have met him twice physically. 
He chose someone very different from himself to succeed him and yet, just the right person who was needed to bring Babuji's meditation practice out into the world. 

read my experiences here

For the next many decades I was under the guidance of Chariji, Babuji's successor. 

Strong, disciplined, humorous and a voracious reader, Chariji knew me much better than I knew myself!

Life became an inner and outer adventure filled with immense wonder. He proved to me again and again that we are so much more than just this body and our thoughts.

I never would have guessed that when Chariji passed away in 2014 that I would continue my journey in a way that was very different!


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There are now millions of Heartfulness Meditators



I have known Daaji for over 30 years. When I would go to trade shows in New York city I would stop by his house where we would meditate and have tea. To watch his journey to being the President and Spiritual Guide of Heartfulness has been remarkable. 

Daaji has greatly expanded our understanding of consciousness and the spiritual path. His training is helping millions of seekers who are looking for a simple and effective method of meditation. 

order his beautiful book The Heartfulness Way

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