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What the word spirituality means to me

Spirituality is the word I use to say:

I don’t have all the answers.

It’s a wondrous mystery that I exist, am conscious, and can see, hear, and feel.

Spirituality allows me to embrace all my “not-knowing” in a spirit of endless possibilities.

Spirituality means I can change my mind; I don’t have to have an opinion.

Science is a big part of my spirituality. Not because I need proof for anything but because I can see, observe, and understand principles that guide the forces of the universe.

These observations inform my existence on this planet; however, other unseen and unknowable principles may inform the side of me that is also unseen and unknowable.

Spirituality is the freedom to wonder, laugh at myself, and act silly sometimes, happy just to be.

Spirituality is a beautiful word.

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