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practices for personal growth

A modern version of ancient science and wisdom; the practices of Heartfulness accelerate our individual, and collective growth. 

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morning meditation

Create a space for yourself to meditate in. It can be a comfy pillow, a chair, or a particular place in your house. Use this space each time you meditate. 


Sit comfortably and let your body relax. Take a few slow deep breaths if needed.  

Very gently, let your attention drop into the area of your heart. Feel your heart area relax and soften. 

Have the thought that you are resting on the source of light, the source of lightness, already present in your heart. 

Feel it is drawing you deep within. 

If thoughts arise, gently return to the source of light in the heart. 


evening cleaning

At the end of the day (4 - 8pm) sit comfortably. 

Make a determined thought that all the influences from the day are now leaving you. They are leaving out your back from the top of your head to your tailbone as smoke or vapor. 

Visualize the vapor leaving your entire back like the clouds passing in the sky. After a few minutes, you can increase the smoke or vapor leaving. 

Do this for 15-20 minutes. 

In the end, complete this process and imagine a pure, healing current flowing into your heart from above, filling you completely. 

Make a confident thought that the cleaning is complete.



Our thought is powerful. We create our life simply by the thoughts we keep. Sankalpa is a thought or idea with our will and intention behind it.


When we make a directed thought for the betterment of the world it acts as a seed that expands, creating a field of well-being. You can experience this with some practice. 

In your leisure time, wherever you may be, make the sankalpa that everything around you is deeply absorbed in divine remembrance. The furniture, the walls, and the people, are all absorbed in the source.


You can do this at work, on the train, at the airport, or in your living room. 


9 o'clock intention

Since 1945, practitioners of Heartfulness have stopped their activities at 9 PM and offered a prayer/sankalpa for the unity of the world. 

"May the hearts of all my sisters and brothers around the world be filled with love and compassion and real confidence is growing in their hearts."

Sit with this intention for 10 to 15 minutes and feel that everyone is participating.  You may also join the "Community of Hearts" live on Zoom at 9pm EST M-F


bedtime reflection

The last thoughts of the day at bedtime can be used to send a suggestion to our subconscious mind. 

Sincerely reflect on all those things that you feel are hindering you. Perhaps it is having a short temper with loved ones, or judging others. We all have our own unique aspects of ourselves that we want to improve upon.

In a humble way, place these difficulties before your own higher Self and make a determined thought that they will not be repeated. 

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points or chakras

Just as we have a dense skeletal system, a less dense muscular system, a fluid circulatory system, and a nervous system, there is a more subtle body behind all these. 

Our subtle body is our energetic body. We have many energy centers in this body, referred to as chakras. In Heartfulness we purify each of these chakras which restores balance to our inner condition. 

Please read Daaji's new book, "Spiritual Anatomy." This book is a road map to our spiritual evolution. Available at all major book sellers. 

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