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Why do meditators value spirituality over logical reasoning?

I don’t!

I like logical reasoning! I am very much a scientific thinker.

However, I have recognized, even since early youth, that there are too many things we humans don’t understand that don’t fit into the realm of learned or conditioned “logic.”

Why shut my mind to so many wonderful possibilities?

Do we really need science and logic to prove something before we accept it?

It’s like jumping into a cold mountain lake. Ouch! That’s cold! A bit too cold. Hmmm, really too cold! I better get out of this lake.

Okay, now our logical mind tells us, “Next time, don’t go jumping into the cold mountain lake.”

Now, what if in meditation, you have an experience that you are spread out throughout the universe. You are one with everything. You are experiencing profound peace and a deeper understanding of your place in the universe.

Logic again tells us, “Wow! That was amazing! I now know that I am something more than just this body and these small thoughts.”

So, should we simply negate the second experience because it wasn’t associated with our material body or provable by science?

This is where the spiritual person soars!

They remain open to exploring things we may not yet know or understand.

Even though our consciousness is not commonly understood by the majority of people, the spiritual person says, “Hey, we may be on to something exciting!”

Logic is good but it shouldn’t define us. Intellect is our processor. Our senses are our input.

Our ego is the protector of it all.

Our senses, intellect, and ego can only define us if we let them define us.

A spiritual person understands that the mind, intellect, and ego are tools to be used. They shouldn’t control us.

Meditation is also a tool. It is a tool for exploration into a deeper level of ourselves that is less constrained by the body/mind perceptions.

Life is short. Embrace it All. We are always Becoming. Freely, courageously.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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