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Is it true that all spiritual people learn, grow, and improve?

In order to grow, we have to be open to a continual modification of our current ideas.

If we hold tight to today's knowledge we miss tomorrow's opportunity.

A seed can’t say, “Oh, I’m good right where I am. Growing? Nope, gonna pass on that.”

So, the choice is in our hands to learn, grow and improve.

This is true whether, spiritual, atheist, or scientist.

The traditional meaning of the word evolution is having to adapt to changes in the environment. This referred to a slow biological process of physical adaptation.

Today's evolution is of the mind and heart, a continual adapting, letting go, improving, letting go, improving.

Our ego must become pliable to the point of changing our opinion on the spot if a new thought supersedes our previous understanding - without putting up that defensive inner wall that wants to protect our ideas.

We saw what happened with religions. They stopped evolving their knowledge and became isolated, unaccepting of other faiths. I’m not saying people don’t grow within their faith, they do, but the institutions themselves have resisted adapting to a changing world.

The spirituality movement was born because fresh generations saw the old ideas weren’t working, they were divisive.

We are on track to create a beautiful new world, even beyond the spiritual. It’s based on openness and acceptance but most important of all let’s hope it is based on reverence…for life, the planet, and each other.

Image by 경복 김 from Pixabay

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