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How does an enlightened person sustain their enlightenment?

If we grow up not learning how to swim and are thrown into the water, we panic and thrash our arms and legs. However, it is interesting that babies, not yet having learned any fear of water, already feel at home in it. This is because they still have the memory of their previous environment.

An enlightenment experience is something like this. The more we have defined ourselves by our worldly experiences, the more surprising it is when we get tossed into another very different inner environment.

Suddenly there is a state of unity, wonder. No more me the thinker, doer, or observer. Just me, pure and simple - a sort of innocence and purity like when we first came into the world.

Enlightenment is not a destination. It is the end of a journey - but not a destination! How can we arrive HERE?

Like being in the water, the trick is to now relax and adapt to that environment. It is sort of like learning to swim so well that you don't want to get out of the water - it feels so refreshing and liberating.

As for the idea that we are not the body, we become attached to and identify with the body. However, saying we are not the body is also creating another illusion. This is like saying I am not the person in the mirror, yet you are still there when you look again in the mirror. We are the body, we are the mind, we are the consciousness, we are the feelings of the heart. So what is the point in trying to NOT be those things when in fact, we are?

Enlightenment is merely integrating ourselves without identifying with the body or the mind.

In other words, we had become entirely conditioned by our worldly experiences, and one day, "poof," we no longer are. Hooray, what a relief and sense of freshness!

One thing is for sure, it's doable and easy too, to abide permanently in this awakening condition without any possibility of slipping out of it - even if you tried!

However, one needs to apply themselves earnestly to the job consistently and without self-scrutiny. In other words, we must absolutely accept ourselves exactly as we are with all of our flaws and imagined flaws.

If we do not accept ourselves with love and forgiveness, we will always feel undeserving of our spiritual goal. This is the biggest block in our practice and an unfair mental fallacy we impose on ourselves - feeling unworthy.

Enlightenment is not some mysterious thing on the other side of the universe.

Wake up in the morning and let your heart feel grateful for the day that is about to unfold. Show a bit of love to each person you see, and don't worry about getting anything in return. Smile more often - enlightenment will come knocking on your door!

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1 Comment

sushma upadhyay
sushma upadhyay
Feb 07, 2022

Loved the last para... Gonna apply it for sure! Thank u Sir :)

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