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Does enlightenment have anything to do with light?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I have never believed in anything just because someone else believed it. All along I needed proof. I received more proof than I could have hoped for.

Having been an audio engineer for most of my life, I have learned a little about sound.

Sound is vibration, it encompasses many frequencies, and depending on how those frequencies are put together we can feel very “up” or very “subdued.”

It is called MUSIC!

Is music magical? Well, YES!

Music has shaped our world, our human experience. It brings people together. It takes our minds off of the problems in our lives and in our world. It uplifts us and makes our bodies want to move with delight at the changing frequencies.

What about light? Once again, light has frequencies. Are they vibrations? Yes, but we only perceive a certain spectrum of frequencies.

Is light magical? Well, YES!

It grows everything on our planet, it makes us feel great, it occupies ALL space in the universe (even though we can’t see it), and gives us direction at night if we need it.

Our brain and our entire body are a conglomeration of pulsing energy - vibrations at various frequencies.

Now, yes, spirituality is often woo-woo and misinformed. However, it recognizes that we are all vibrations which are frequencies. Even in sleep, we have measurable brain frequencies.

But spirituality says, perhaps our awareness has access to many more frequencies of vibration. Maybe it is only our physical senses that determine the small range of frequencies that we can see or hear. Perhaps we do have the ability to become aware of subtler levels of frequency.

To find out we practice meditation.

Meditation isn’t woo-woo at all. It is a science that has been around for thousands of years. It indeed enables us to explore other states of consciousness.

We may not yet have a unified language that enables a dialog about inner conditions beyond our current vocabulary. It’s okay. It will all work out.

Now to return to the question, “Does enlightenment have anything to do with light?

What doesn’t?!

best to all, brian

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