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Can you awaken and not become enlightened?


What if you were to ask, “Can you be enlightened and still not be awakened?”

Is one concept different or better than another?

When we are walking on the earth, we have the pull of gravity holding us down. We also have the weight of the atmosphere pushing down on us. Yet, we don’t have any idea that it is happening.

If we are to understand and fully grasp one day, “Oh, I have a lot pulling me down,” we may be enlightened about it. But, it doesn’t change our situation.

What if you try to overcome the weight of the atmosphere by climbing to the top of Mount Everest. You will have climbed above the weight of the earth's atmosphere. However, you will quickly awaken to the fact that you can’t breathe there.

So, enlightenment may grant us understanding, and awakening may help us realize how far we have yet to adapt to new environments, but we are still HERE.

We still sleep, dream, and have a waking state.

The only time that we advance spiritually is when we can enter an entirely new dimension or atmosphere that is not dependent on the one we live in.

This is called the Fourth State, Constant Remembrance, or Turiyatit.

When you reach this, you have gone through an inner metamorphosis.

You now abide in a different dimension that is timeless and infinite and is the intrinsic base of the other three states of waking, sleep and dream.

The limitations of the body and mind are still at work, but YOU are somewhere else.

So, we need to understand the real purpose of our existence here.

I propose that awakening or enlightenment experiences are wonderful glimmers and glints of something beyond the senses and mind but don’t solve the problem of life.

We are here to develop the mind as a tool, which we can then utilize to purify our spiritual or subtle body where the chakras or energetic centers reside.

This purification frees us from the weight of our past. It is our past impressions, our likes, and dislikes, that keep us identifying with our physical bodies and falsely believing we are our bodies and thoughts. Those impressions are the reason we return here again and again until we are free of them.

Our mind, when developed, is the instrument to evolve ourselves, and the process we use to develop our minds is meditation.

We become co-creators of a new subtler body that will carry us into further dimensions, for evolution and expansion are a constant, and we continue existing after this life.

To grow beyond this earthly atmosphere and be independent or free of it, we must take the help of something higher, something beyond this current dimension.

That unseen force is pranahuti or transmission.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

This grace, potentiality, or “soundless sound” expands our consciousness. It is fuel or nourishment for our soul.

So by removing or cleaning our subtle body of energy blocks, and by receiving the transmission, we become the next version of our SELF.

We are here in a school. We are the experiment, the experimenters, and the result of our experiment.

When we choose to participate in our evolution, we evolve; we return again if we don’t choose to participate.

We may have many enlightenment and awakenings here. But this is a mere 100 years of life, perhaps. Can we create our own metamorphosis and become the next version of ourselves that will carry us beyond time itself?

Image by Nile from Pixabay

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