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Can a life coach for your soul lead you to higher awakenings?

These days there are a lot of people placing themselves in the role of teacher and actually, I do enjoy this term “life coach.”

The thing to remember is, how much of life has someone had to be able to coach you with yours?

We can find inspiring people all around us that help us awaken a little more provided we learn to observe and receive.

Now a teacher is someone who puts something into you by way of teaching, life advice, a story, inspirations.

A spiritual adept or Master is the rare one who can take everything from you, your baggage, doubts, fears, and anything that stands in the way of your spiritual realization.

It is best to understand the role of each of these in your life so you can be clear about the help someone is really able to provide you.

Awakenings are one thing, we can have them all the time.

Self-Realization or Mergence with your divine principle is something very different. Words and even understanding don’t get us there.

We will instead face a grand letting go of everything we thought and believed we are and look face to face into a mirror that reflects only our Truth.

You yourself, your life, you ARE the path.

But there are a lot of helping hands to hold along the way.

Really speaking, every day we may be a student to someone and a teacher to someone else.

In my opinion, it’s always best to assume we are the student!

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