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I invite you to meditate.

Think of it as an experiment.

Meditation has transformed my life.

I'm sure it will
transform yours. 


writer • meditation trainer • artist • experience sharer • speaker • mentor

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a new book from Daaji -
Spiritual Anatomy

“Spiritual Anatomy is an exceptional book that blends the wisdom

  of yogic philosophy with practical techniques to unlock your infinite potential.”


                                                     –– Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of Quantum Body

"I refer to the grand journey as the spiritual anatomy project.

In Sanskrit, the yatra is a sacred journey to the center within, and you, the traveler, are the abhyasi, the one who practices.

No one can force you on the yatra or compel you to meditate, but when you do, the heart sets out to speak to you, and you will learn to master the exceptional ability to listen and muster the courage to abide by the heart’s innate wisdom."


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Maybe you know me from Quora?


As a writer, experience sharer, and fifty-year meditator and trainer, I strive to inspire others with my stories, lessons, and personal journey.

During my lifetime, I've had the opportunity to spend time with some truly enlightened Spiritual Masters in the method of
Heartfulness. They possessed the remarkable ability to impart high states of consciousness through yogic transmission.

This resulted in a life of surprising and illuminating spiritual experiences, which I've written about on Quora.

Currently, I devote much of my time to meditating with others in hopes of facilitating their own spiritual experiences.

I invite you to meditate together, cultivate our inner and outer environment, and discover our true nature.


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Evolve consciously

The best experience is your own.

You are invited to experience the wonderful results
of yogic transmission. 

Even in your first group session, you can enter a timeless condition, where forty minutes
 may seem like five.

You won't want to come out of the beautiful state of inner peace.

It feels familiar - like returning home after a long journey.

We are a community of caring and connected meditators
like yourself. You are invited to attend any or all of
our weekly meditations.

I love these meditation sessions and the community that has been formed. Brian is incredibly kind, compassionate, and patient, and provides deep insight in every session. Thank you for what you do!


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