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Who presently, is a real spiritual Master and why?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

As some of you know, I have written a lot on Quora, often sharing my experiences with the Spiritual Masters that I have had the good fortune to have close proximity to most of my life.

Many people will join in with all sorts of recommendations based on what they believe or have been following. There is no shortage of gurus out there, of every shape, size, and color. Some are wise, some are witty, some are rich, some are cheats.

To me, there is only one single thing that qualifies one to be an absolute Master. Absolutely nothing else matters: Can they bring YOU to the highest stages of spirituality by their own inner capacity?

The proof for this should be undeniable by your own inner progress and unfold in a reasonable time.

In other words - the proof is in your own experience.

A simple guide should help you without taking any of your money. But, on your part, you need to practice sincerely and not mix up ten different practices. For example, it is better to dig one well 30 feet deep than 10 wells 3 feet deep. Try one thing at a time.

My first contact with a real Master was with Babuji. He was already working on me from his tiny village in India without even being in his physical presence. This was his specialty - yogic transmission. An evolutionary method enables the Master to impart the highest spiritual condition to you directly, which you then experience for yourself.

He passed in 1983 and left a successor, Parthasarathi, who was my own guide for many decades. His ability was the same - I am posting a couple of links below.

He passed in 2014 and appointed Kamlesh Patel as his own successor. He is very much alive and well and lives now in Hyderabad. I have known him personally for over 30 years, sometimes even meeting up with him in his previous home in Stanton Island, where we would meditate together.

He has this same ability, as it was gifted to him from his Master. He, in turn, imparts this transmission, as do all the many trainers that the Master’s have created so that everyone, everywhere, can benefit from this simple transformation method.

Babuji said, “Spirituality can’t be sold.” He said a real Master is a servant of humanity. He was one of those. It continues today more than ever. Babuji always recommended that you put the Master to the test. Kamlesh has said the same.

If you want to experience this for yourself and hope to achieve liberation, enlightenment, and beyond, I suggest you put him to the test by trying the method entirely as prescribed for 3 months. See how you feel. If you wish to meet him in person, please visit him at Kanha Shantivanam in Hyderabad.

Of course, you can always meet up with a trainer in your area. They will be glad to meditate with you, and you can experience this for yourself.

Finding a real guide should not be taken lightly. A Master can either get you where you want to be, or they can’t. I, for one, have in no way been disappointed.

To find an authentic Master is rare. It is one of the great mysteries in life. Most people would never believe it is possible. So is the prospect of enlightenment or realization of Self or whatever you wish to call it - just a dream? Wishful thinking?

I can only speak for myself. The Masters gave more than I ever expected, beyond my every wonder and hope. It has simply been the most unbelievable life I could have ever imagined. Someday I hope to tell the whole story.

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sushma upadhyay
sushma upadhyay
Dec 30, 2021

Sir, I want to meet such a Guru. I want to experience this bliss

sushma upadhyay
sushma upadhyay
Jan 12, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Sir.. I will definitely join

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