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What was a major spiritually enlightening moment?

Many of you have read about my experiences, especially with my Spiritual Guide. Surprisingly, one of the most profound experiences happened in the past few months with my first Master, Babuji, who left this world in 1983.

In November of the last year, I faced four serious health situations, one after the other. I almost died twice.

The very worst was when the doctors prescribed a drug to take, which would confirm the cause of my severe muscle contractions.

I had the worst type of reaction to the medication imaginable, driving me into deep sadness and uncontrollable weeping for no reason. That was the easy part of it.

One night, the worst night of all, I just had to sit down and meditate with prayers to Babuji for help.

Immediately I was gone from this world.

I found myself in a vast endless ocean of luminosity. I was aware. I could perceive quite clearly that I was only light. Not a light body, or a soul body, only LIGHT, formless, and yet with awareness.

I knew that Babuji was the essence of this light, and he was drawing me towards him.

He gave me a particular message that was perfectly relevant to my situation and explained something important. I can’t share it as it only relates to me.

I don’t know how long I was there, but I came out of meditation an hour later.

It took many weeks to get the effects of the medication out of my body but looking back on the entire experience; I realized many things; the most important was that at the subtlest end of our consciousness spectrum, we are not even a body.

We are light.

The other day I was reading a book about Babuji, called Spiritual Yatra by Toni Bernardi. It may be out of print now.

In 1974 someone asked Babuji a question, “Babuji, is the soul of a dog the same as a human being?”

“Yes, it is exactly the same, soul is not a solid thing, it is only light and light can also be in the body of an insect. Light is everywhere. We are the same.” I am immensely grateful to have found a true spiritual Guide, one who is always there and has proved to me over and over again the real meaning of what we call the spiritual journey, not through words or belief but through practical experience.

best to All, brian

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