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The Universe Within

Updated: May 20, 2022

We have existed since the first stirrings of creation. Perhaps we were simply awareness, or maybe only light.

From my first Master, Babuji, I learned that we existed in absolute purity in the beginning. Then, just as the universe of particles eventually became matter, we as awareness embodied in innumerable coverings. This was likely due to the intention of creation - to expand and expand. At different stages, thought and matter co-mingled, and our pure awareness became enveloped in a material cloak. As individual consciousness, we now exist in this dense organic form called the body.

Our awareness has realized our predicament. We have a longing, known or unknown, to return to our original state of purity.

We are now beings of immense complexity. Look at our physical form; it is also many bodies, a dense skeletal system, a flexible muscular system, a fluid circulatory system, an electromagnetic field, a mind exhibiting non-physical thought activity, and many other systems.

The science of yogic practice and research reveals many more systems behind the physical.

The spiritual Master, Daaji, has nicely called this our spiritual anatomy.

Within this spiritual anatomy are chakras, or energy centers, kosha’s or coverings, and endless stages of consciousness enveloped within these centers.

Our journey to uncover our original consciousness represents a purification process at all levels of our embodiment, the physical, mental, energetic, and causal bodies.

We can no longer assume that one experience of awakening or understanding has completed the extensive transformation that fulfills the total metamorphosis of our Being.

Babuji clarifies this, telling us that every single particle of our being is to be “divinized.” In other words, particles are brought to their original condition. He seems to imply this is an atomic or sub-atomic transformation and not a shift in mental awareness alone.

This is why he has introduced his method of yogic transmission. This is revolutionary in yoga's written history, though Babuji indicates that it was known and utilized as far back as 10,000 years.

Babuji calls the transmission pranasya pranha, or the life of life. It is the subtlest potentiality and originates beyond the sphere of matter and particles. It is entirely pure and cannot be corrupted in any way. When we receive this transmission, our mind welcomes it and quickly settles down.

The nature of the transmission is that it rejuvenates and restores that which receives it to the same level of purity as the prana itself. In this way, each particle of our Being, mind, consciousness, and other bodies is transformed in totality.

So, this is the process we engage with when we pursue our spiritual evolution.

The question may be, “Is it imperative that we understand the science of such a journey?”

I will share a Persian couplet that Babuji, himself, has shared for sincere seekers:

“The Creator has every care of His creatures; care for one’s own needs is the cause of all worries.”

We simply take up the practice as prescribed and let go of all concerns.

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