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A Journey Beyond

What lies beyond? Is there something more? Here is a chapter from my upcoming book.

There is beauty beyond this world. Something complete, whole, pure. Its infinite bliss where we abide without decay, loss, or boredom. Imagine endless freshness.

Oh, how our senses have tricked us! Like tributaries dividing up the whole into separate streams – sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell, like light refracting in so many colors through a prism, reassembling a 3D playground of our own making. The heart's perception has no such divisions or limitations; it abides in a loving divine principle that is complete, ever new, and all-knowing.

Tiruppur, India, July 24th, 2007

The dust kicked up from the ground as great numbers gathered in the summer heat of India. Some said as many as 75,000 filled the meditation hall. It was Master's 81st birthday celebration. Underneath the metal roof of the open structure, a sea of colored flags and saris danced in the wind. This land, once a deserted and barren ground, was transformed into a city of seekers. People came from Denmark, Russia, France, and Australia; they came from Cameroon, the United States, Jamaica, and Canada. They came from Iran and Ireland, and every part of India. All came to celebrate the birthday of the great Master. It was the second day, the main day of the celebration. Everyone had assembled early for the morning meditation. Master did not come to the hall but sent someone in his place to conduct the sitting, who respectfully sat down in front of the Master's chair.

"Please start meditation."

Unlike most meditations, where it can take a little time for the thoughts to settle before you dive deep inside, this time, a force immediately pulled me upward into space at light speed. It was like being instantly transported to the other end of this universe. I could perceive different worlds, much higher worlds, inhabited by very advanced souls along the journey. Much of what I saw went by too fast for clear description, fleeting images as one might see from an express train. Then things began to slow down. At one point, I slowly descended into one of these worlds and gently glided towards the surface. What I experienced next would change my life.

This place was incredibly luminous, with more than a million suns of pure light. The beauty of it was stunning. I saw beings; they were like balls of clear light, oval in shape and translucent. A soft but defined center or spinal cord went from the top of the sphere to the bottom with subtle points of light within. I realized that I occupied one of these subtle bodies. Sensory perception was not limited to a spectrum or vibration like the eyes and ears of our earthly sense organs. Thought was not a linear stream of words and ideas but all-embracing knowledge.

The beings moved by thought, not even thought, but spontaneous intention. I was also able to do this quite effortlessly. As I descended, I noticed other beings were also journeying towards the surface. This place was not unlike our world in that there were a vast ocean and land, but they glistened luminous with light particles.

The most important thing was the feeling or condition there. I was in total bliss, filled with divine love and knowledge. Every being was an embodiment of the whole, entirely fulfilled by the divine principle, which permeates each particle. In this world, there was no concept of relationship. There was no idea of someone being different or other than one's Self. There was no ego, no judgment, nor any feeling of difference at all. Far removed from earthly attributes, the beings were in divine splendor. Even the word "love" cannot come close to expressing the wonder and bliss of this realm.

I felt immersed in this bliss which is ten trillion times more complete, fresh, beautiful, and all-pervasive than anything that we in this human form could ever conceive. What a place! Nearing the end of this cosmic experience, I heard a soft voice say,

"This is not the goal."

Again I heard, "This is not the goal." It repeated three times to remind me; do not get too attracted to the perfection and beauty of this place; there is yet something more.

A year later, Master spoke about perfect love and harmony, he said,

"There are worlds that exist like that."

Anyone blessed to see such a place will never come back the same again. And indeed, I am not. I no longer see any difference between life here and what may lie beyond. I know the smallness of our world in our prejudice, fear, and ambitions, and I appreciate, more than ever, the vastness of our dreams, our aspirations for what we can be, and who we really are.

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