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What are the emotional benefits of meditation?

Well, the benefit is that we become less emotional.

An emotion is a feeling gone out of our control, magnified by our mind, armed by our thoughts about a wrong doing, defended by the ego and retaliated by our words.

When we meditate, the best way I have found, is that we divert our attention away from our thought stream.

By doing this thoughts start to lose power because we are no longer attending to them and giving them strength.

This is very important: meditation diverts our awareness away from our thought stream.

The benefit to us in our daily life is that, soon, we are able to stay more and more centered in ourselves. We are less reactive. We enjoy our inner peace more.

I meditate on the area of the heart with a very subtle idea -

The source of light is already within my heart and is inviting me homeward.

Perhaps it seems too simple?

That is the point. We want to get in touch with our softest, subtlest, lightest consciousness.

We want to get out of the intensity, the heaviness, the activity of our thoughts and emotions.

When we meditate this way, we get out of our head right away. That is number one!

The second thing, we acknowledge that we are more than our thoughts and emotions and that our real, genuine Self, is beyond all this. It is peaceful and gentle, even a shy thing, but these too, are just words to hint at our true nature.

Going beyond our emotions is a very big deal. Meditation is the best tool to retrain our mind away from our opinions, and defensive network and embrace what is intrinsic and real to our nature.

This is how, each of us, can and will make our world a better place for everyone.

Heart is where our Home IS.

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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