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Is meditation important to attain peace?

At this stage in my life, I have easily meditated for tens of thousands of hours.

Each meditation was a dive into the infinite ocean of peace.

I mostly meditate with others now.

The hammer that builds the house is not so much used after the house is built.

So it is with meditation.

However, there is much more to building a house than a hammer.

Plans are needed. Thoughtful layout. A solid foundation. A roof that doesn’t leak when the weather is challenging.

But far more important is to transform that house into a Home, something different is necessary.

Love is the most important of all. There are many houses but how many homes?

Then we must also prepare for the events inside the home. There we are born, we live, we laugh and cry, there are various joys and sorrows and eventually, we die as well.

Each of us builds ourselves into a house of many ideas and feelings.

Have we made ourselves a home?

Meditation is a great foundation of peace. The rest we have to build through our own introspection, self-correction, and mostly acceptance of ourselves and our quests.

So, peace first.

This enables us to remain calmer.

Character building is next, lots of windows to both lookout to the world around and so people can see into our home full of love. A Self, wide open.

Then a roof of gentle discrimination to repel those things that disturb our home within.

All these things are needed to reflect a beautiful home.

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