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Can we meditate unknowingly?

Sure, whenever you watch TV or listen to music you are in effect meditating.

In other words, you are using the motion of sound or light to take over the mental activity and the mind, for the time being, is not engaged with itself.

But, this goes to show that it is what we meditate on that is important.

This is why meditation is mostly done in silence.

In silent meditation, we develop our skills. We can’t depend on any stimulus to distract the mind. We must be patient and let the mind settle.

With practice, we can enter the meditative state. This is when the mind gives up its tussle and the brain reflects this as a slower brainwave frequency. This can be measured as a deeper sleep state.

Now, there are other times that we meditate, when playing an instrument fluently, doing a painting, writing, or just looking out the window as a witness.

But the skill comes when we make the intention to meditate.

Eventually, if you have good practice and are dedicated, you can enter the meditative state permanently. This is called constant remembrance or turyatit, or the fourth state.

At this stage, the state will never leave you. You now abide in a new dimension of existence that is timeless, infinite.

You will know this beyond a doubt.

A good goal!

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