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It is said we have a soul, yet how do we know what it feels like?

What we call soul is the life behind life or the “life in life.”

Now if someone is not open to that because there is no proof, well, that is logical. However, if one is open and curious, we find that we contain many different strata of energies at various frequencies.

We are not solid at all - that is a scientific fact.

It is also a fact that if we took all the space from between all the atoms of everyone on the planet, we would all fit nicely inside a ball that could sit on your dining room table.

So, there is a lot more to space and atoms that we don’t know. Should we throw out the idea of a soul, or is that a word for the mysterious intelligence or force that is manifesting each of us as individuals?

Okay, now to your question, why can’t any of us say what that feels like?

Well, can a fish tell you about the water it lives in? No, it doesn’t know it lives in something we call water. (okay provided a fish could think and talk!)

Can you show me air? No. But without air, my body couldn’t live.

So, there are many things responsible for our life that we don’t see or pay attention to.

Now, what happens during sleep? We don’t know we exist and yet, we wake up. What was keeping our body going while our mind and senses were on vacation?

In the field of spirituality that is called the soul.

The soul is the cause of life and supports our existence in the same way air or water also supports life, except in a more subtle fashion.

It weaves our form from space and atoms and together with the mind, consciousness, intellect, and ego, we mysteriously exist.

The reason we don’t know what the soul feels like is that we don’t know what to look for.

At night, our consciousness withdraws from our senses. We then rest in the soul state. The nature of the soul is to be at rest. There is no activity in it.

So, we can’t “know” the soul but when we rest we are drawn into the quality of it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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1 Comment

Dan Wilkins
Dan Wilkins
Sep 12, 2022

I would say that your last sentence contains the crux of the matter:

'So, we can’t “know” the soul but when we rest we are drawn into the quality of it.'

It depends on which of two meanings we give to 'know': a) to experience/feel something, or b) to be able to capture/express it in words ("knowledge"). We all can conjure up or remember what it feels like to rest, but no one can successfully translate sensations into the medium of words. so knowing the soul in the sense of a) is possible, but not b).

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